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Big Theatre/Small Towns
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Stay connected with our Big Theatre/Small Towns podcast series

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In the time of self-isolation and social distancing, the need for connection became a priority as we missed connecting with our audiences, artists and community. Big Theatre/Small Towns explores the connection of big theatre ideas growing in small towns and vice versa with hosts Graeme Powell and Amanda Jane Smith.

Amanda and Graeme chat with guests from all walks of the theatre community, from near and far, on topics such as the resilience and magic of live theatre, playwriting for and in rural communities, the attraction and potential of regional theatre making, making the transition from local theatre to professional theatre training and career, and more.

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Meet Our Hosts

Graeme Powell

is an actor, playwright and video editor. He has performed in several Theatre on the Ridge productions since the company’s launch in 2014, including Vimy and The Play’s The Thing and is a regular member of our scenario training ensemble. Graeme has also created the script adaptations used in our Pine Grove Plots cemetery walks and has had several plays produced in Port Perry and elsewhere, including Renovations, All Together Now, and Palmer Park.

Amanda Jane Smith

is a stage, screen and voice-over actress who’s performed in a number of Theatre on the Ridge works including The Valley, God of Carnage and And So It Goes. She has also instructed voice and movement to young artists at Theatre on the Ridge camps across the Durham Region. As co-host of the podcast, Amanda hopes Big Theatre/Small towns will warm the ears and hearts of artists and audiences yearning for the stage right now. 

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